December 31, 2014

Kiss in the New Year with the Rae Gordon Band!

The Rae Gordon Band rings in the New Year with a smile AND a Kiss!


Trails End Saloon

1320 Main Street, Oregon City, Oregon 97045


nye trailsWhat better place to enjoy the turning of the year and breaking your New Years Resolutions then at the Home of the Blues!!!

Join the Rae Gordon Band as they ring in the New Year with special guests including none other than Mayor Doug Neeley, who we will celebrate his last day in office with us and hopefully on the dance floor!

ALSO, back by popular demand…..

Rae’s Kiss for A Cause!  $1 a chance.

ny kissWe all know you can never be too careful about assuming you have your New Year’s Midnight Kiss in the bag….so pay $1 for a chance to midnight kiss people who are being charitable and will kiss YOU back!  Money raised goes to the Oregon City Lions Club.


Here are 2 of some of the people putting their puckers up for a case (see Rae at the club if you want to put up a kiss!).

katie templeKatie is usually found smiling and cracking jokes behind the bar at Trails and loves pets, but will come out from being the bar to be your midnight kiss!  How can you say no to this face???


rae headshot fixed - small sizeRae likes long walks on the beach, overposting on Facebook and is well, you know who she is and she is needing a midnight kiss, help her out.





oc lions
If you are without a New Years Midnight kiss, pucker up for a cause!


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December 11, 2014

Spreading the Christmas Cheer from There to Here!

Are you in the mood? If not…even better, because we have just the cure for what ails you!

Please considered getting your dose of Holiday Cheer at one of many fine and fun Christmas Shows or shows that might include a Christmas song (or two) that Rae Gordon or the Rae Gordon Band are involved in.

baDecember 11 (they are also doing a show on the 14th)


December 12
Duffs Garage, Portland.
A night of music from the Northwest representatives for the International Blues Challenge in Memphis in January.

RGB Merry at Maks 12.13.2014 2 SMALLDecember 13
Merry at Mak’s all star show at Jimmy Mak’s Portland featuring Louis Pain, LaRhonda Steele, Rae Gordon, Lloyd Jones, Gaddis Cavenah and more!

December 14
Tap Monkey, Seattle. A night of music from the Northwest representatives for the International Blues Challenge in Memphis in January.

December 15Jingle Jam
Jingle Bell Jam with the Mighty Mouth Radio!
Hwy 99, Seattle.




Holiday BellesDecember 19
Drummerboy presents Holiday Belles with Heather Jones & Rae Gordon, featuring Gaddis Cavenah.
Hwy 99, Seattle.

And if THAT isn’t enough! Follow that upNYE with New Years Eve at The Home of the Blues, Trails End Saloon as we toast the end of an amazing year and the exciting year to come. We will also be celebrating the last day of office for the Oregon City Mayor.

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October 22, 2014

Tis the Season of Soul with All Star Christmas Show at Jimmy Mak’s

RGB Merry at Maks 12.13.2014 2 SMALLTis the Season of Soul at Jimmy Mak’s with the soulful sounds of Christmas. We present Merry at Mak’s, one glorious holiday happening that starts at 8pm and features award winning musicians, all strong forces in the Portland community with their own musical projects, but who will share the stage together for just one beautiful joyous night. This show will include the Rae Gordon Band rhythm section with Gaddis Cavenah on guitar, Federico Pol on bass and Edwin Coleman III on drums featuring Louis Pain on Keys, with Lloyd Jones on guitar and vocals, LaRhonda Steele and Rae Gordon add their voices to the Merry at Mak’s Christmas Chorus.  Santa Claus will also make an appearance. Come down for the show that will help jump start your holiday cheer with some memorable performances with Holiday hymns that are both new and tried and true, sung by some of your favorite performers.

Louis Pain, dubbed “Portland’s boss of the B-3″ by The Oregonian is a satisfying staple of the northwest music diet, known for his epic soul tributes and artful way of making everybody he plays with sound their best.  Originally from San Francisco, he has played with some of the best in the Bay and the Northwest including the late, great Paul deLay, Curtis Salgado, Mel Brown, Thara Memory, Dan Balmer and the late great sister of soul herself, Linda Hornbuckle LaRhonda Steele sang her first solo in church one Sunday morning at the age of 13 in Oklahoma and as Portland audience’s can attest, our city was blessed when she brought her inspiring and delicious voice “home” to the City of Roses.  She has worked with both local and international artists and highlights include singing at the Lincoln Center with Obo Addy and the annual Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival.  She is well known for her work with gospel and her dedication to the community.
Rae Gordon, the 2014 Cascade Blues Association Muddy Award winner for Best Female Vocalist is known for her love of the audience and finds Christmas a time to reconnect with not only the music goers, but the tradition of the season.  Starting her musical journey in piano bars and opening for comedians, she brings that sense of humor to her shows to this day.  Her band won the contest to represent the Portland area at the upcoming International Blues Challenge in Memphis in January.
Roots artist and guitar player Lloyd Jones is not only a member of the Oregon Music Hall of Fame and winner of dozens of awards and known for his back porch blues and critically acclaimed recordings, he also has won a place in every audience’s heart.  His infectious love of his craft can be seen in his smile, to his fingers down to his toes.  If you have seen a past Christmas show featuring him, you know it is a not to be missed event.
Gaddis Cavenah’s guitar stylings and songwriting is fast becoming a sought after commodity in the Portland area.  His 2013 recording he produced, and wrote with Rae Gordon climbed the Billboard Blues charts at number 10 in July of 2013.   A mutli-instrumentalist, he is a musician’s musician and has worked and performed for many years in the northwest.
Santa Claus is a jolly old soul, known best for his ability to squeeze into small spaces in spite of his large frame and being very generous to a fault.  Highlights of his career have included maintaining a large lap and a twinkle in his eye.
Seasoned musician bass player Federico Pol, whose tours have included Ricky Martin and Joe Cocker and sought after Drummer Edwin Coleman III, who has backed the best, will lay down the grooves that will warm your holiday hearts.
Please make Reservations!  So go early and plan on getting your holiday cheer on.  General admission, $12


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October 20, 2014

Portland Music Community Comes Together for One of Their Own

tom royrer

Portland Music Community Comes Together for an All Star Night of Support at Jimmy Mak’s, the home of northwest soul, including keyboardist for Santana and Etta James.

Drummer Tom Royer, one of Portland’s most talented, versatile, and beloved musicians, has Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and is in dire need of a lung transplant. He’s currently on a wait list in Seattle. Tom is on oxygen 24/7 and cannot play drums anymore. His wife, vocalist Lily Wilde, recently had surgery of her own and is still recuperating. Neither is able to work and their bills are piling up. So Portland’s music community is once again stepping up to help one of their own with an all-star benefit concert at Jimmy Mak’s.

Performers at this very special event will include five great bands:

Quadraphonnes; Ken DeRouchie Band; Mel Brown B-3 Organ Group; Kevin Selfe & the Tornadoes; and DK Stewart Sextet.

Also appearing will be the following artists: David K. Mathews (Etta James’ pianist for 20 years, who will be leading an Etta James tribute); Lloyd Jones; Andy Stokes; Rae Gordon; LaRhonda Steele; Lily Wilde; Karen Lovely; Peter Dammann; Carlton Jackson; Albert Reda; John Mazzocco; Bill Rhoades; Renato Caranto; “King Louie” Pain; Dan Balmer; Dave Captein; and many more!

Guest Emcee: Wayne Havrelly (KGW)

Cover charge: $20. Please step up and help one of the nicest guys and finest musicians around.

To learn more about Tom and Lily’s situation and/or to make a donation, visit their GoFundMe account page:

Learn more about Soul
Sisters Productions, LLC at:

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August 24, 2014

Don’t Miss the Boat! Get your Cascade Blues Cruise Ticket!

Cascade Blues Cruise 10.4.2014 lo res 




Rae Gordon Band
Lisa Mann
Franco Paletta & the Stingers
Ben Rice

For more info on the contest and acts, go to

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June 20, 2014

Summer Season of Soulful Sounds Begins…


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March 25, 2014

The Dream That T-Shirts Built

(Or How a Whole Community Sent an Oregon Band to Memphis)

Personal Thank You from Rae

DearBLOG Rae & Joe Friends…We are all still in the afterglow of Memphis.  We were excited to make it to the semi-finals and blessed to be able to hang with and see some of our NW music family perform.  Magic and memories were made because of YOU and your faith in us.  I am forever grateful to Gaddis, Ed, Joe and Scott, who were troopers from start to finish and it was an honor to be able to do all original music written by Gaddis and me to an audience like no other.  You friends and family got us flown, fed and a roof on our head.  I have always heard that saying “I’m there for you in spirit” but never really truly understood or fully embraced the real meaning until now.   When we were on stage performing and competing in this chance of a lifetime….YOU were there too…in spirit.  On stage and in our hearts.  Thank You!  XO, Rae


(special thanks for the photographers in Portland and Memphis)

September 2013 – Rae Gordon Band Given the Opportunity of a Lifetime

BLog MemphisThe Rae Gordon  Band was nominated by the Rainy Day Blues Society of Eugene, Oregon to go and compete in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee.  The IBC is an annual event that brings bands from all over the world for one glorious song filled week to play, to learn, to network , to overeat BBQ and most of all , to shine for their hometowns to go and perform and compete with over 255 other acts on the infamous  Beale Street.

October 2013 – Putting the “T” in Fundraising

Acts start their IBC adventure at home with their fans, friends and families way before the exciting competition. That is just the beginning of their journey and where it becomes very clear early on that their passions are much bigger than their pocketbooks.  Rae and the guys knew that they wanted to represent Oregon in Memphis.  But, wanting to go and being able to go was an even further distance than the plane ride to the other side of the country!

This incredible chance to perform for an international crowd every year is contingent on raising the funds to not only get the band to the competition, but housed.   The task is daunting and possibly heartbreaking to the bands.

How do youT-shirt blog booster screenshot come up with the money to get everybody there?  Would anybody be interested in helping?  Would there be enough?

One night while driving home from a gig, Rae’s mind was racing with bad fundraising ideas….do a kissing booth, sell all her belongings, make blue lemonade!…when a commercial came on the radio about selling T-Shirts for special projects.

BLOG Jan picBlog - Pattie ShirtPhotograBLOG t shirt with Rosepher Kathy Rose’s son Jacob designed the logo and Rae designed the back of the shirt using

This one-of-a-kind t-shirt said exactly what would happen if it was successful… “I sent…the Rae Gordon Band to Memphis”.  She hoped that a few would be sold, to help pay maybe one or two flights for the band.  Most of all, she wondered if people would not only buy the shirt, but want to wear them……and wear them they did!

After 30 days and an incredible outpouring of love and support, even from people who had never seen the band, 191 t-shirts were sold and the whole band got to Memphis!

Other funboxing ben and raedraising fell in place with a last minute gig at Duff’s Garage with special guest Ben Rice (the Cascade Blues Association representative for the IBCs), who wholeheartedly agreed to a fun photo shoot between the two Portland Metro bands that would be competing against each other in Memphis.  Thank you Tony Kutter for being a last minute photographer.ben and rice boxingben and rice boxing

A Halloween party and costume contest at the 505 Tavern in Oregon City, and with the Rainy Day Blues Society in Eugene at Cozmic Pizza.

Thank you so much to the t-shirt buyers who helped get us there!

Aaron & Katherine J., Alson T., Amanda L., Anita W., Anne M., Anne B., Annie H., April P., Arnold G., Bear N., Bob P., Brian S., Candance H., Carol G., Carol H., Carol W., Charles C., Charles D., Cher P., Cheryl S., Christine R., Cindy R., Claudia P., Clint C., Connie F., Cynthia A., Darren R., David N., Dean M., Deb C., Debbi C., Debbie B., Debbie R., Deborah B., Deborah C., Diane S., Dianna C., Don W., Douglas M., Elisabeth M., Eloise L., Eric P., Erin P., Gail K., Gerri C., HW S., Ivy F.,  Jackie M., Jan L., Jean C., Jean H., Jeannine B., Jennifer S., Jessica D., Jody S., John R., Jon N., Joseph B., Joseph C., Joyce D., Julie L., Julie R., Karen G., Karen L., Karla M., Kat R., Kathie T., Keith P., Kelly F., Kim F., Kim W., Larry B., Laura G., Laurel K., LeAnn W., LeeAnn G., Linda C., Linda R., Linda V., LJ T., Lori C., Lori M., Lynette H., Lynn W., Marcy J., Maren A., Margene S., Mark D., Mark L., Melanie P., Michael A., Michael D., Michael P., Michelle O., Pamela T., Pat F., Patricia S., Patti D., Ralph B., Randal M., Renee P., Roberta E., Robin B., Sandy L., Sarah C., Sarah O., Scott F., Scott M., Shara C., Sheldon L., Sheri S., Sherri M., Stan G., Stephen P., Sue A., Susan V., Teresa B., Teresa B., Teresa S., Terri & Jon T., Theresa S., Theresa T., Tracy L., Trudy W., Vicky Y., Wendy S.

t shirts at trailssarah t shirt










November 2014 – Will Play for Food

Gaddis Will Play For Food 2The flights and the hotel lodging was taken care of, when it started to come clear that everybody might want to eat and wouldn’t be able to survive on adrenaline alone, so the BEALE MEALE campaign was unveiled and the bandmates were able to fill their bellies with barbeque, thanks to the picture of the hungry guitar player barely able to pick his guitar on an empty stomach.  People stepped up and fed the band in exchange for a picture done on Beale Street with a sign of their choosing.

January 17, 2014 – Beale and Birthday Bash Send off at Trails End Saloon

BLOG T-shirts at TrailsThe weekend before the band was to fly to Memphis for the competition, they enjoyed a proper send off from friends, family and people who made it all possible.  It was also Rae’s birthday and her birthday wish was already coming true…the band was going to Memphis!birthday beale blowing candle

I sent the Band to Memphis t-shirts were aplenty and Joan snagged two of them that were donated back by Denise & Keith Price to help with the cause and last minute by soul blast showcase

January 21, 2014 – NOT Early to Bed, but Early to Rise 

The day of the flight arrived!  For some of the band, they got to bed early for the 5am trip to the airport and a few had just gotten to bed!  Suffice to say, there was some napping time on the plane on it’s first stop to Atlanta, Georgia, where the sound of someone playing a piano snagged Rae’s ears.  She got a chance to sit in for a few tunes with a local player and warm up for Memphis.

Once they arrived in Tennessee, they checked into the hotel all starry eyed.  There was magic in the air from the streets to the lobby, where musicians hung out to talk, network and even pick a little on their guitars.  Friends from near and far got to finally meet in person or reconnect.  This annual event truly is a reunion.

January 22-23, 2014 – Band Orientation Commences

The New Daisy Theater on the infamous Beale was packed with wall to wall wailers and wah wah peddlers to learn about what to do and not to do.   Musicians from all over the world were packed in like sardines, but nobody seemed to complain much and hugs were freely given out whether they were wanted or not.

1622627_373643769442260_190861528_nSarah Cavenah (Gaddis’s daughter) from LA’s North Hollywood Salon NoHo went to work crafting a diva out of Rae using her makeup and hair mad skills to turn an Oregon tomboy into a national performer.  sarah hair

The band was delighted to see some of the folks from the northwest there and excited to visit everybody’s sets if they could.  The band names were drawn and the Rae Gordon Band got 5:35pm that night at Alfred’s, a great club with a perfect stage…not too tall, not too short, just right.BLOG acts page

They competed with all their might under the STAX neon sign for two nights straight and enjoyed playing for the respected judges from the industry and audience members that included a favorite, Candye Kane and her guitar player Laura Chavez.

Then they made it to the Semi Finals!

January 22, 2014 – Semi Finals turns out the Crowd in Droves!

The Rae Gordon Band was pulled for Flynn’s, a nice long club with a very short stage, which is great for getting out in the audience.  The bandmembers got to enjoy The Randy Oxford Band from Washington the night before and they kicked it into high gear with an incredible show that leaves no wonder why Randy Oxford is a Blues Cruise favorite.

There was an incredible array of talent that people from all over packed into to see, elbow to elbow, chest to back, it was people thick and blues fanatic rich.  The band was “on” that night as everybody made sure to connect with the audience and shine individually, Gaddis even showed that dancing on a monitor can be done in cold temperatures, really showcasing his great guitar work.

Ben Rice from the Portland area put on a good show that night as did the rest of the acts.  One band from each club only, could advance to the Finals at the Orpheum Theatre and everybody was delighted when Ben Rice & The Illamatics could show the International crowd what Oregon’s blues has to offer.

January 25, 2014 – Finals for All is Just the Beginning

The beautiful Orpheum Theatre was buzzing with people stuck on their favorites and having their minds changed over and over again as each incredible performance unfolded like a storybook romance, each word, each song leaving an imprint and butterflies in their stomachs.

BLOG back from bealeNorthwest favorite Ben Rice fought the good fight, making Oregon proud, leaving his mark on the blues world.  The band winner was ultimately Mr. Sipp from Mississippi and 2nd went to The Ghost Town Blues Band from Memphis, Tennessee itself.

The finals is just the beginning as bands go on to perform in major festivals and other life changing opportunities like Ben Rice opening up for BB King.  Even semi finalists got interest, including the Rae Gordon Band, going on to play in a national club this year.

Every audience member that night left with a gift from those acts, a new appreciation of blues and musicians left with something even more, a appreciation of themselves and a continued love for the live music audience.

January 26, 2014 – Flying Back and Into the Arms of Audience

The flight back was another early one as most everybody loaded up in a black SUV that made the band look more like FBI….but in this case, it would stand for Fabulous Blues Inspired….  The driver was a lovely woman who laughed at Rae’s terrible jokes while the guys in the back went on and on reliving the last few days, the bands, the lessons, the museum trips and a stop at the House of Elvis.

1502695_10151791107636199_1291125569_oThe flight included more nap time and the best surprise of all, Kimberly Walch, a beloved friend of Rae and the band’s, with flowers for the welcome home.

BLOG kim at airportA Note from the Band

We were blessed to be able to hang with and see some of our northwest music family perform like Ben Rice & The Illamatics, Tevis Hodge Jr, and the Randy Oxford Band along with Duo David Pinsky and Phil Newton.  Our region made a great impact on the blues world.  Memories were made and an impact felt not only our craft, but their very souls.  No wonder Memphis is considered an important role in the development of the blues, because we all came back as better musicians and better people.

We want to thank everybody who helped to support the trip to Memphis, before, during and after, whether financially or a pat on the back to say “Go get ‘em” and everybody in general that supports live music. 

There is so many people to thank that we will for sure be adding to this list….  Kim Walsh for being the best RGB fan and friend, Rainy Day Blues Society and Bill Shreve for getting us there,  Steve Spoulos, Keith & Denise Price for their support, Paul & Vicki Linnman, Oregon City Lions Club, Greg Johnson for his unwavering love of live blues and submitting to IBC “Blue Lemonade” for best recording from CBA, Lynn Wymore, Dan Harrington, Dano’s Dogs, those  beautiful people who traveled with us: Sarah Cavenah, Kayci Cavenah, Lisa Osterhoudt, LeeAnn Gibbons-Pankratz, Michael Pankratz and these fine folks who came to see us in Memphis: Jane Martin Manning, Kathie Tizler, Candye Kane, Laura Chavez, Lori Haynes, Stacy Jeffress, Ben Rice & Roxanne Dickson.  Also, Franco & Jeri Paletta, DK Stewart, Timmer Blakely and Paula, Duff’s Garage, Jon & Jennifer Wallace, Joey Scruggs, Cindy Benda, Eric Hallingstad, Trails End Saloon, 505 Tavern, All or Oregon City and Mayor Doug Neeley and Beth, Kat Rose Photograhy PDX, all the t-shirt buyers and wearers!  Amanda Gresham, Barbara Hammerman, Stacy Jeffries and Steve Pringle, Rege Shaw and all the other radio folk who play our music!


Stacy feed jpgBLOG food poaster

BLOG UBM food poster

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January 10, 2014

4th Annual 20/20 Event for 1190AM KEX Kids Fund & Lions Club January 19th Introducing the 1st Big Party of the New Year!
LIMITED TICKETS. Don’t miss out…click HERE before they are gone!
20.20 facebook picture
Rae and the guys are excited to be a part of the 4th annual 20/20 Celebration of Sight & Sound along with our favorites DK Stewart and the Return Flight Band. This event helps the 1190 KEX Kids Fund and the Oregon City Lions Club help change lives. It provides hearing and vision services for children of families that cannot otherwise provide them. Something very close to Rae’s heart, as a child such as that. Please come join us in helping children find success earlier in life. Dancing, dining from Portland Catering, live & silent auctions, including Breakfast with Paul Linnman & the 1190 Morning Crew, Meat & Music package with blues & brats.
2020 Event 2014 Flyer

This event started as a way to celebrate Rae’s 40th birthday, but also give back. It has now become an annual community wide effort that musicians and community can get behind and make a difference in the life of a child.

Come join us on January 19th and make a difference AND have fun while you are at it!

Pioneer Center, 615 5th Street, Oregon City, 97045.

Donation for silent auction basket still being collected! Call 503-452-0440 or email for a pick up.

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December 5, 2013

Blue Lemonade Puts Up its Dukes for Round Two!

blue-lemonadeThe Blue Lemonade recording by the Rae Gordon band was entered by the Cascade Blues   Association out of Portland, Oregon.
This compilation of original songs by songwriting duo Rae Gordon and Gaddis Cavenah, is now in the Round Two of the Best Self-Produced CD Competition. The CD has seen great success since it’s February 2013 release, including play on Pandora, across the US and in England and hitting #10 on the Billboard Blues Charts. The Rae Gordon Band will find out in Memphis if they made the final when they are competing in the International Blues Challenge for the Rainy Day Blues Society (

2014 Best Self-Produced CD – Round Two
The 2014 Best Self-Produced CD competition is in full swing!

The winner will be announced at the International Blues Challenge on January 25, 2014 at Finals in the Orpheum Threatre January 25, 2014.
Thank you to the affiliates for continuing to foster new Blues acts to keep this Genre alive!
Discs are listed in alphabetical order by affiliate.

Discs that advaced to ROUND TWO are listed below.
Arkansas River Blues Society, In His Element, Charlie Woods
Blues Alliance of the Treasure Coast, Cajun Moon, Big Jim Adam
Blues Society of the Ozarks, What Kind of Fool,The Mojo Roots
Blues Society of Tulsa, FaceBook Blues, Little Joe McLerran
Cascade Blues Association, Blue Lemonade, Rae Gordon Band
Central Delaware Blues Society, Damned Ole Blues, Covered Bridge
Cincy Blues Society, Singing In My Soul, Lisa Biales
Cleveland Blues Society, No Stranger To Blues, The Alan Greene Band
Collingwood Jazz and Blues Society, Self-Titled, Jerome Tucker & Tim Bastmeyer
Edmonton Blues Society, Baptized by the Mud, Kat Danser
Long Island Blues Society, Blues Enough, The Hitman Blues Band
Maine Blues Society, Keep Jukin, Blues Prophets
Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society, Last Thing on my Mind, Dan Dinnen
Minnesota Blues Society, Baptized in the Blues, Annie Mack
Mississippi Delta Blues Society of Indianola, Shy, Sharo Perry
MO Blues Association, Can’t Live Without ‘Em, Ben Green
Nashville Blues Society, Have Axe – Will Groove, Mark Robinson
Northeast Ohio Blues Association (NEOBA), Mighty Fine Gumbo, Zydeco Kings
Ottawa Blues Society, Bluesoul, Terry Gillespie
Ozark Blues Society of NW Arkansas, Go Ahead & Sang the Blues, Brick Fields & The Chosen Ones
Prairie Crossroads Blues Society, Can’t Take the Blues, Benny Jenkins Bloodline
Rhode Island Rhythm and Blues Preservation Society, Soul Changes, Dave Keller
Topeka Blues Society, Blues and Trouble, Grand Marquis
Vicksburg Blues Society, It’s My Guitar, Mr. Sipp
Washington Blues Society, Monday Night, The CD Woodbury Band
West Michigan Blues Society, Account To Me, Hank Mowery

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December 2, 2013

Memphis Fundrae’sing Continues with the Beale Meale Deale


Meale Options

$10 - Help with just 1 Memphis Meale for 1 musician & get a selfie portrait with them holding up a sign with anything you want said! (G rated please)Gaddis Will Play For Food 2
$150 - Help pay for a full day of meals for the 5 musicians (15 meals) and the whole band will hold up a sign with anything you want said. Wish somebody a Happy Birthday from Beale? Promote your business!
$200 – You want a meal brought back from Beale to you? Rae will bring you back your meal of choice and take a picture of the place she got it! And deliver personally to you (within an hour of the Portland Metro area).

Things are going great for the Rae Gordon Band’s fundraising efforts for getting the band to the International Blues Challenge in January 2014.  In addition to rehearsing the tunes that they will be bringing to the infamous Beale Street in Memphis, where dreams and careers have met and ignited, they are overjoyed to have been successful in paying for all the Flights and Lodging for the band of five.

Thanks to some incredible supporters who bought a limited run T-Shirt (regular band T-shirts will be available this month) and attended and enjoyed the benefits at the 505 Tavern on Halloween and the Duff’s Garage, RGB was able to completely pay the largest portion of this amazing journey.

However, it recently came to Rae Gordon’s mind that the band might want to eat when they are there.  Rae was under the impression that the band could survive on adrenaline alone and was trying to figure out a way to vacuum pack the beautiful Oregon air for snack packs.

She is well aware that this adventure is not only hers and the band’s alone, but everybody who loves and supports live music, RGB and otherwise, so she knew that if she was going to open up fundraising to include meals, that those Foodie Funders would have to also enjoy the Meale on Beale too by having a personalized sign held up by the band and broadcast on the and on Facebook and Social Media!

Here is your chance to continue to support AND be involved in this once in lifetime opportunity to “be” on Beale Street with the Rae Gordon Band!

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