July 3, 2013

Waterfront Blues Fest Time and the Time is Now!

There is an excitement in the air around Portland around the 4th of July.  You can feel it and almost touch it.  It surrounds the whole Portland Metro area like a warm soft blanket that you can snuggle into with all your heart and you down to the tips of your toes.   If you could taste it, it would be like a bowl of the finest ice cream with hot fudge, cool, delicious and so tastefully hot lingering on the tongue like a good blues tune lingers on your ear for days later.

It’s our suspicion that this fluffy squishy warmness full of sound calories is caused by none other than the Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival, coming on it’s 26th Year!   It was born in 1987 as a concert to support the homeless and has morphed into one of the biggest festivals this side of the Mississippi known as the nation’s premier blues festival benefiting the Oregon Food Bank and making records, financially.  And we have it!!!

This weekend, all Oregonians take a little pride in saying…yeah….we live here and ownership in one of the best 4 days of the whole year.  But there’s something even more incredible that I have seen as both a spectator and an artist on stage for the last 10 years at this festival.    I’ve been so blessed to be a backup singer, a special guest, a volunteer pass checker at a gate and now this year with the Rae Gordon Band, on the Big Coveted Miller Stage, where the sweat of Robert Plant’s brow will splash to the very same floor that we get to perform our original tunes this Friday the 5th!  But, each and every time, I have looked out either from the top of the stage or on the floor and saw familiar faces in the crowd I was overwhelmed with gratitude and a realization, that there another element.

These amazing and awesome faces that us as local musicians faithfully see in the audience at our wine bar gigs, the lounges and even on a 1st Friday event….this big festival is also in honor of you!  We get to see you out in that crowd and thank you for being there, but also for being here and there, locally.  You get to see your local bands on the same stages as famous faces and be a part of this incredible experience and party.

This weekend, this is for you!

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