December 4, 2017

Christmas, Coats and Kings

The holidays are here and all over the world, people are celebrating in many ways.  Some are sipping their favorite cup of cocoa, others are are surrounding the dinner table with friends and family from near and far, while other are celebrating with song!   The Rae Gordon Band are proud to be part of the Christmas offering of We Three Kings, a show that highlights some of the best talent on the west coast from Washington down to California, and if that isn’t enough, Rae will join the NW Women in Rhythm & Blues show with a bevy of blues belters.

At any of the shows, bring a new or nicely used coat for her “Coat for a Cause” and she and other musicians will disperse to people who are cold and in need.

WE THREE KINGS IN THE BAY – Club Fox, Redwood City, California.

Rae Gordon, Kivett Bednar and Pat McDougall join forces with the Bay area’s own king, Dennis Dove, an incredible drummer and vocalist known as much for his sense of humor, as his talented drum playing.  Much sought after bass player Mike Phillips joins in and California King Tommy Marsh from the Crooked Eye Tommy Band out of Ventura County, and winner of the Best Band join forces to bring some seasonal cheer to the bay.  The Club Fox jam is a Wednesday hotbed of talent, from national to international players.  The dedicated and supportive audience is part of the charm of this weekly mainstay and musicians travelling through always make it one of the highlights of their tours.



WE THREE KINGS IN L.A. – Arcadia Blues Club, Arcadia, California.

Rae Gordon, Kivett Bednar and Pat McDougall head down to Los Angeles to meet up with the Kings of California Blues, Tommy Marsh and Joey Delgado, with bass player Lou Castro.

Joey Delgado is one of the Delgado Brothers, a band of siblings who have been delighting Southern California audiences for years and have recently enjoyed travel in and out of the country.  The Delgado Brothers won the International Blues Challenge, an annual competition that brings the best of the best from all corners of the world.  His guitar work is a favorite of both live music fans, but of fellow award winning musicians.


The whole Rae Gordon Band comes to the renowned Hwy 99 club in downtown Seattle to bring Christmas cheer to the State of Washington.  The Kings of Washington blues joins RGB and King Kivett.  Award winning guitarist and singer CD Woodbury is known for his strong solos and deep meaningful guitar work and is the current winner of the Washington Blues Society’s Memphis Contest, where he will be competing with acts from all over the world at the 2018 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee.  Bandleader, promotor and trombone player Randy Oxford brings the show whereever he goes and this night will be no exception!  He is well known for his shows that bring the best of local and national talent to share the stage with him.  A repeat bandleader for the big blues cruises, he is not one to miss.  Thankfully, you won’t have to!

RGB comes back home to the Home of the Blues in downtown Oregon City, just outside Portland, Oregon for the last on the Kings Christmas tour.  Joining Rae is Salem area guitarist and songwriter Garry Meziere, a jewel in the northwest crown, along with Kivett Bednar and from Seattle, CD Woodbury.


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