December 2, 2013

Memphis Fundrae’sing Continues with the Beale Meale Deale


Meale Options

$10 – Help with just 1 Memphis Meale for 1 musician & get a selfie portrait with them holding up a sign with anything you want said! (G rated please)Gaddis Will Play For Food 2
$150 Help pay for a full day of meals for the 5 musicians (15 meals) and the whole band will hold up a sign with anything you want said. Wish somebody a Happy Birthday from Beale? Promote your business!
$200 – You want a meal brought back from Beale to you? Rae will bring you back your meal of choice and take a picture of the place she got it! And deliver personally to you (within an hour of the Portland Metro area).

Things are going great for the Rae Gordon Band’s fundraising efforts for getting the band to the International Blues Challenge in January 2014.  In addition to rehearsing the tunes that they will be bringing to the infamous Beale Street in Memphis, where dreams and careers have met and ignited, they are overjoyed to have been successful in paying for all the Flights and Lodging for the band of five.

Thanks to some incredible supporters who bought a limited run T-Shirt (regular band T-shirts will be available this month) and attended and enjoyed the benefits at the 505 Tavern on Halloween and the Duff’s Garage, RGB was able to completely pay the largest portion of this amazing journey.

However, it recently came to Rae Gordon’s mind that the band might want to eat when they are there.  Rae was under the impression that the band could survive on adrenaline alone and was trying to figure out a way to vacuum pack the beautiful Oregon air for snack packs.

She is well aware that this adventure is not only hers and the band’s alone, but everybody who loves and supports live music, RGB and otherwise, so she knew that if she was going to open up fundraising to include meals, that those Foodie Funders would have to also enjoy the Meale on Beale too by having a personalized sign held up by the band and broadcast on the and on Facebook and Social Media!

Here is your chance to continue to support AND be involved in this once in lifetime opportunity to “be” on Beale Street with the Rae Gordon Band!

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